Friday, 6 April 2012


Dipped the reported Thayers Gull near Brigg, Lincs last night and was a intending to head over this afternoon but first sighting was early so i cracked and set off at about 8.15 after a slow hour or so round the patch that produced only my 1st Willow Warbler of the year, 2 Fieldfare and a Curlew north.

Arrived at site about 9. 15 and there had been no sightings for a while so did a bit of standing about chatting and then took a call from Dad followed by one from CN at Pugneys. " Where are you!? Osprey coming in from sw!!" The conversation had a good few swear words in (mine) but had to let it go - major downer!

An hour or so later there were a couple of sighting of the Thayers and after a bit of hedge crawling and a short Wacky Races drive I finally connected with a surprisingly large crowd of c250 people enjoying reasonable views - phew!!!

I had little chance for pics etc but worked up some stuff that really does not catch the essence of the bird but you get an idea. Good to catch up with one or two old faces just a shame about that f,in Osprey!!

On a separate note, i find it quite surprising that there have been no white-wingers picked up in the area with all the coverage. Saw one very pale herring a few times that AH first picked up y,day but otherwise nothing else unusual!?

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