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Saturday, 31 March 2012


After a week of glorious weather i was rather surprised/relieved to have had very little news from Pugneys. I naturally assumed that everybody must have been to busy sun-bathing, queueing for petrol, stocking up at Greggs or desperately saving money to pay for a seat at the PM's for supper to get out and go birding!

Been some movement with the police regarding fence vandalism, hopefully we might finally be getting some action taken - fingers crossed!!

Anyway, this morning (31st Mar) dawned overcast and stayed that way all morning with a stiffening cool breeze from the north which was presumably the reason for a quiet 6+ hours on site. Main highlight was a single  Whooper Swan on the main lake although it has a slightly damaged left wing and has apparently been in the area a few days, hanging about with the non-breeding Mutes. 

Migrants were represented by 60+ Sand Martins, 4+ Blackcaps, 1 LRP, and upwards of 20 Chiffchaff.

Sand Martins
 Other birds of note included at least 9 Goosander and c18 Goldeneye hanging on and 9 Fieldfare west. 2 Ringed Plover seem settled on 'Tommy Mads' field along with the territorial Lapwings

Imm drake Goosander.


A few LBBG's about with the settled pair on the reserve lake and this apparent pair on the wetlands. Definite difference in mantle shade with almost appearance of a graellsii/intermedius pairing ? presumably just variation or possibly sex based - will gen up later!! Any thoughts, please comment !

Mixed race pair?
So, lets hope tomorrow is a little more productive - Willow Warbler due but i need a Pugneys Osprey please!!

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