Monday, 9 April 2012


8th April. Cool north-westerly weather still dominating and preventing many migrants getting through. Todays highlights included a Red Kite that spent c15 mins over the woods away to the SE at around 10am, a bird that was also being watched from Anglers CP at the same time some 2 miles to the SE!

A light passage of Meadow Pipits totalled 73N in c3 hours late morning with other migration including 3 Siskin W, 2+ Curlew in varying directions!, 4 Swallows N and 3 Skylarks W.

Red Kite

G S Woodpecker

G S Woodpecker
And finally this for MH, as he moaned at me for not painting a patch tick....! You better buy one now Micky!

Ring-necked Parakeet
9th April. 

Morning started slow and wet, drizzle constant but light from 6.30 until about 11am. Early efforts rewarded with 9 Goosander and the finding of a Fox den which might be bad news for the nearby Lapwings , LRP and other ground nesters. Me and MF met up with IB and we decided to shelter by the info centre viewing over the main lake. At c8.35 IB called an ' egret ' that came in from the N over our heads which we all quickly realised was large and, when scoped, i called it as a Great White!! The bird crossed the main lake and then appeared to see the reserve lake and cut in, losing height and disappearing below the tree line. We took 5 mins to leg it round to the hide but no sign of the big whit f'er!! Great White Egret ! My pick for next first! Glad it wasnt just me!!

Presumably it carried on low to the south or was booted on that way by the BHG colony. The 3 of us searched the likely areas beyond the reserve lake but no sign and as locals began turning up we did a little gloating and then realised it was too early for a celebratory beer - rubbish !!

With a decent sized team now down on site we opted for the high ground and some migration watching which was admittedly slow! c60 Mipits N, 2 Swallows W and a few long faces.......


(not great egret-thats a shit name)

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