Sunday, 12 August 2012


The paucity of updates lately is directly linked to several factors..

1; The Olympics. God only knows what I will watch when its all over - been a dribbling fool for 2 weeks (if not longer......)!
 2; On the odd visit i have made to the patch i have seen pretty much nothing of real note or quality!
 3; MF, the Barnsley low-lister, keeps persuading me to go twitching.

So, the highlights of late are summarised here along with todays more productive efforts.

20th July. 3 Dunlin.
21st July. Curlew NW.

5th Aug. Goosander, 2 Snipe and a Red Kite NW(3rd of year - slowly incresing locally?).
11th Aug. 3 Snipe.

In between these scant highlights I saw my 3rd UK Stilt Sandpiper at the lovely Low Newton in Northumberland - A nice adult moulting out of summer plumage. Also had quality time with some local Hobbies and saw some good waders in the Dearne valley including Wood Sand, Blackwit and Green Sands.

12th Aug. A better day on the patch, probably due to a bit more effort and time expended!

1 juv LRP.
1 Ringed Plover NW.
3 Golden Plover SW.
11 Teal NW.
1 Shelduck E.
2 Common Gull NW.
2 Common Tern.
c120 Goldfinch.

And to top it of a stunning juvenile LITTLE GULL dropped in at c10am. Showed really well in flight from the Soap Tip hawking about in the usual fashion and still present at 12.30. Presumably one of the 2 birds seen earlier at Anglers cp. Bit of artwork to follow here....

Want a really crap record shot?.. You got it!! Actually saved wrong format on camera and so worse than normal if thats possible!!

In the words of the mighty Rolf " can ya tell what it is yet?!"
Sweet spot....

Anyhoo.. of to Majorca for a weeks R&R with Ellen on 15th so hopefully be sumat worth waffling about on my return !! Adios!!

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