Sunday, 10 June 2012


Before anybody gets to excited i shall come clean and admit that it was only a Kittiwake! Hardly earth shattering i know but easily the highlight of a very quiet weekend. In light of the amount of seabird shoved up the Severn Estuary perhaps not even that surprising but still a cracking June record and well received by myself and Double D on Saturday morning as it spent 10 mins on the wetlands from 7.30 before heading SE towards the Main lake never to be seen again. This is actually the 3rd record of Kittiwake for the site this year - probably a record year!

Adult Kittiwake.
The best of rest is a pretty thin list with recently fledged Common Tern and an equally new brood of 2-3 Kestrel, although i only managed this photo of Dad...
Mr Tinnunculus.

Aside from this and lots of other common stuff seeming to be getting some young of ( excellent news in light of the weather lately!) the only other notable sighting were a Buzzard E, c300 Swifts and 17 LBBG's

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